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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Private Coaching - Whistler, @


Thanks very much for everything this past week. I really enjoyed meeting you (and Julie) and I learned a great deal! You are a super coach and amazing mountain biker and just riding behind you is a lot of fun. I also really appreciate how considerate you were of what I wanted to get out of the camp, and you should know I definitely did get everything I wanted out of it. I only wish we could have ridden today as well! Also, I very much appreciate the unexpected extra things you made happen (riding with Jeff, Andreas, doing the peak with Tom Pro).

Best of luck with Premier Ride Camps, though I know with your personality and talent you will do really well. I will stay in touch with you and hopefully do a couple of hours with you once every 1-2 months.


Tuesday, 18 September 2007

8 Day Ride Camp - BC Resorts August 2008, @


Yeah, traveling on plane all day sucks! But it feels great to be home. I also wanted to say how much fun it was to ride and learn with you all week.

The entire trip far exceeded my expectations. You have put on a fantastic camp with awesome riding, teaching and scenery only to be completely blown away with the heli-drop as the proverbial icing on the cake. The only word I can use to explain is AWESOME!! I have been showing video clips to everyone I have seen today, even a few of my customers, and they can't believe what they are seeing. Let me know who to thank for the brakes and how to post a blog on your website to help you promote future camps. I truly believe that you are providing one of the best camps/excursions available. The other camps I took were good but I think you will agree this blew them away. It felt as though I was hanging out with one of me best friends from home all week. You, Glen, Andreas, Jeff, Julie all made me feel welcome and at home and what a n experience to ride with all of you. Once again Mike thanks for an awesome week.

Talk soon, Andy

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